This is a long distance relationship (couples/love also) blog that is dedicated to all the other couples out there. I admire everyone of you who go through the struggles. You're not alone. Message me for advice, someone to talk to, submit stories/pictures and anything else. I'd love to get to know you.
I'm here for everyone.
∞ As long as I have you, that's all that matters. We are infinite. ∞



October 3: Wow, I've been pretty in-active on tumblr lately due to college and work. Also, my family and I got into a big car accident the day before and I've been sore and resting up. So sorry about all the delays in messages! How has everyone been?

Hi! my boyfriend and I have started a blog for ourselves and to maybe help other people in similar situations like us and the people on your blog. I don't know if you do promotions or not but it would be greatly appreciated if you could mention us to your followers. Thank you!


Heree you go.

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Dear. Can you teach me what to do?


Teach you what to do?

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You guys should open up a paypal or something and add a donate button to your tumblr! Allow other users to donate as much money as they want. You could save that money and use it towards meeting each other! Just a thought u w u


I just might.. I’ve never opened a paypal before so I have no idea. But I honestly have no idea if anyone would actually donate for us or anything. Thank you for the suggestion! (: 

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what are some cute ways i can say "hey" to my boyfriend I always say "hey:)" him and I communicate through texting bcause he lives 1,200 miles away:(


Uhh honestly I’m not totally sure.. ahaha. My boyfriend and I are around that far apart too and we just usually have the same greetings. Although you can always switch it up by saying random things every time? c: It’s something unique aha and keeps things interesting and also have a conversation starter. 

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Okay well, my name is Sophie and my boyfriend’s name is Tobi Oladeji. We met in September 2013. When I met him, I never really saw my self being with him cause I’m 4 months older than he is. Somehow, we both broke up with the people we were with and we ended up together within like 3 months. I love him more than anything in this life and on the 13th of December, he made it clear that he loves me too. We made promises to each other and we intend to keep those promises. We’ve been together for about 6 months now and even tho we fight a lot, we always end up happier than ever. I’m going to Nottingham Trent university and he’s going to Michigan State University by God’s grace. I pray everyday that he ends up coming to meet me in England but I still love him as much. I know by the time I go to school in September, I’ll miss him more than I could ever imagine.

I love you Tobi and I can’t wait for us to be done with university so we can start our lives together <3

My Baby and I

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Personal update.

Hey you guys, once again I’ve been caught up in life and it’s been pretty hectic. There’s tons of messages that need to be answered and I’ll do my best to answer them later tonight or so. Sorry about replying so late!

My friend passed away a few days ago due to suicide and even had a brain tumor and was only 21. I’ve also been working a lot more so it’s been exhausting too. Overall, it’s been crazy stressful and I haven’t been feeling up to giving advice but I will soon enough! I hope you all understand why I haven’t been updating/reblogging much either.

I hope everyone’s been doing well though and I’d love to hear about how your life is going!

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“Your handwriting. The way you walk. Which china pattern you choose. It’s all giving you away. Everything you do shows your hand. Everything is a self-portrait. Everything is a diary.”

Chuck Palahniuk (via psych-facts)

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