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I'm here for everyone.
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June 25: I've been going through with a friend passing away. Work is stressful as usual and I'm starting summer classes Monday.

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“Here’s to the girls on the highway who hit the gas pedal much harder than they should. The girls with cackles for laughs who rev up their engines, and smile like tornados.They don’t walk, they don’t even run. They crash into everything that comes into contact with their wildfire souls. Approach them with caution, love them, or hate them, but you should know one thing, you will never be able to extinguish them.”

Hannah Sofia Ghani (via 69honeybeez1), (via submissiveinclination)

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I havent exactly had a good string of relationships in the past. Even with the ones I swore to everyone was "The One". I've either been cheated on or been put second in almost every single one of my relationships. Now, I've been dating this incredible man for 10 months. He is everything I knew I wanted and everything I didnt know I wanted. I want to marry him (Yes, we are a LDR)... but I'm terrified... I don't want this relationship to end up like the rest.. Did my past fuck up my thinking? :(


Everyone’s pasts effect them in some way or another. But you can always learn from it or change from it. Just think that your past relationships made you in a way stronger. If you really want, convey your thoughts to your boyfriend. He’ll most likely understand since this isn’t a rare problem for people. We get fucked over a lot. 

If you’re happy with him, GO YOU. Don’t let all those people who effed you over ruin what you have now. Don’t let them make you over think everything and make you feel like you can’t find happiness. It’s amazing when you can meet someone who’s made everything better than before so just know you deserve this. Let your boyfriend know how you’re feeling and I’m sure he can help you feel a lot better (:

Best wishes. 

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“Every time my phone buzzes I hope it’s you missing me.”

it never is, s. (via mymissingyellowumbrella)

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How are you and your boyfriend doing? Any plans to meet over the summer?


We’re doing okay now haha. We don’t actually know yet.. but probably not sigh. Until I move out on my own, I don’t think he’ll be able to come here and there’s no way my parents are going to allow me flying all the way across the country and meet him. Not yet at least. 

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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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